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Parkova Dolyna
Sunny Valley
Kovcheg Residence
Galician Yard

LOGOS home apartment is not just an investment; it's an opportunity to combine profitable business with an unforgettable vacation in the heart of the Carpathians.

Modern design, comfort and a roof terrace to enjoy nature and the energy of the home

Noble House townhouses - the coziness of a village near Ivano-Frankivsk. Ecological and stylish. Your space where you want to live.

Sun Valley - an oasis of peace and harmony in the city. Modern design, comfort, and a rooftop terrace for enjoying nature and the energy of home.

The residential complex "Kovcheg Residence" is an elite architectural masterpiece that combines modernity and comfort.

Galician Courtyard - a cozy architectural gem in the center of Ivano-Frankivsk. Sophisticated design, comfort, and traditions all in one.

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"Kovcheg" is not just about building the future! It is about a reliable today. Investment and Development Company "Kovcheg" is, first of all, a strong and reliable team of professionals, which is dedicated to improving the lives of city residents by creating a first-class, safe and comfortable environment, setting the vector of its development in line with the trends of the times and in harmony with the existing infrastructure

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A Person is First and Foremost! Honesty is the core of our work! The central figure in the entire development process of our company has been and remains a Person: his/her safety, comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Creating the housing of the future, we are fully responsible for our work, because building trust begins with a high quality product. That is why honesty is something that each of our employees promotes in their work, something that penetrates all aspects of our business and helps us overcome the most difficult challenges and maximize results.


Development for and for the sake of a Person! Our goal is to create a comfortable and functional space for people, a space where everyone can feel free and confident! At the same time, the housing of the future provides aesthetic pleasure, in which the form will not prevail over functionality, but will only skillfully complement it. We strive to improve the architectural face of Ukrainian cities and create an ideal space for the realization of potential and recreation of our exceptionally talented and hardworking people.


The best way to the best results! In the future, we see ourselves as successful and recognizable! We want our unique approach to development to stand out from the crowd, exceed the expectations of our clients, and be a benchmark of excellence and a driving force for competitors. We believe that our success should benefit the community, and our flourishing should support the local economy and contribute to the development of the region. We are building our way from a starting point of complete transparency and honesty. This approach is a winning one in every way. Eco-friendly relationships within the team, with customers, partners and nature. Respect for all participants in the process. This is how it works! This is the way to success!

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Our projects are the embodiment of innovation, reliability, and quality. Each project we offer helps you find your ideal real estate. We work diligently on every aspect of construction, providing comfortable location and access to all necessary amenities.


We take pride in our achievements and reliability in the field of residential construction. Over the years, we have done a lot to provide ideal spaces for our clients to live in.

Families have been settled
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Our professionalism in the construction industry is not just promises; it's a reality that we prove through meticulous work and dedication to each project.

Investment and development company "Kovcheg" is, first of all, a strong and reliable team of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of city residents by creating a first-class, safe, and comfortable environment, setting the vector of its development in accordance with the times and in harmony with the existing infrastructure.

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